The Four Universal Fundamental

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The Four Universal Fundamentals

These principles are an expression of wisdom of the ages attributable to multiple sources; and appear to be self evident truths. Each principle interacts with the other three principles, and they governs the rational behavior of life, in all its aspects, be it relationships, economics, politics, ecologic sustainability, social interchanges.

1. The Universal Laws of Exchanges The model is based on the apparent existence of the Universe, within a common orientation or reality, as we understand it scientifically and through other sources, which are comparable and related. The model is based on the notion of the long term stability of the universe, galaxies, stars, solar systems, et al. The changes that take place do so over years, millions of years, billions of years… on their ‘own’ time scale, and that process is basically balanced through the interaction of energy exchanges: i.e.: Magnetic/Gravitational. The ‘balanced/imbalance’ push/pull of energies maintains a relatively stable configuration that changes over long time spans. The stability makes it a reasonable model for human life, for emulation and comparison and can be applicable regardless of one's opinion about who or what operates the universe.

2. Know the truth and the truth will set you free. This isn’t only about discovering some profound truth, although that’s how it’s generally understood. But it is even more practical in everyday life, in searching and recognizing the truth about events, and things people say. Discovering truth does in fact free one from the chains of lies [either our own, or the lies of others.]

3. Know thyself and thou will know the universe and the Gods If God make us in his image, understanding self will help us reach to understand how God thinks, so to speak; regardless of concept or name we understand as "God".

4. So you'll recognize them by their fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers. Actions are the best indicators of intentions. People do what their inner intentions thrust into reality.

Measuring Life with the 4 F’s

In addition to information we seek for our own understanding of things in life, we are subjected to endless amount of information to instruct us, inform us, manipulate us, and persuade us or bring us under control to follow ideas and behavior often in the interest of the source of the information. In modern societies and its systems we can see that we would never achieve the level of understanding required to confidently manage our lives.

Thus it became necessary to pursue a couple is approaches that would reduce the volume of information we would choose to be exposed to, and reduce the volume of information which we present to others to the lowest common denominators.

The Four Universal Fundamentals (The 4 Fs) are a functional set of common denominators to examine issues, evaluate their importance, arrive at decisions for action, and establish our personal foundations. This is consistent with “know thyself,” and therein is contained all knowledge and power of “the gods.” We often use gurus and other teachers, and mentors, and writers, philosophers, and so on, enough to discover some basics, such as The 4 F’s, but beyond that, the rest is entertaining and often superfluous, as no one can ultimately be seen as superior to ourselves as to become the source of “truth” about life.

We can expand the discussion about The 4 F’s for hundreds or more pages, with detailed explanation as they apply in thousands of topics; however, the effort here is also the reduction of explanations to the minimum common denominators.

Begin with one fundamental, at random or any order you choose, in some rotation, and with it measure any issue or area of life, and gradually this process will resolve the issue. We started with the “Know Thyself” principle. Let’s take Truth. Truth is simple, and it’s just what you can observe from your current sense of reality. The more complex, and perplexing the issue is, the more “lies,” falsehoods, lengthy explanations, excuses, justification, anguish, mental distress, and other unpleasant emotions and information associated to it, it contains.

Conversely, as lies, deceptions, falsehoods are discovered, the lighter the mental and physical stress, the greater the understanding of the issue becomes. The biggest barrier in this part of any part of these processes is ‘self deception’ and concepts one has accepted as “already settled truths” which will at first can go unnoticed, and are bypassed in analysis. These may often look like this: “He would never lie to me.” “I trust this or that implicitly.” One will encounter almost endless numbers of social truths about what people think or should think or how we or they are supposed to behave. This can be tradition, or things you just don’t do, or think about. Most societies have hierarchies of people that for whatever reason, are more trustworthy than other, who should unquestioningly believe, their ideologies must not be unchallenged; things which ‘everybody knows.

Let’s move on to the Laws of Exchange. Wherever we see the universe, and nature in action, we can easily become aware of a circular process of mutually supportive and sustaining flows of energy, We could view it as a vast relationships of ecosystems, all cooperating toward mutuality of exchanges, even down to the ‘usefulness’ of mosquitoes. It becomes clear that when considering today’s societies and the exchanges amongst its members, there exists an extreme imbalance; 1% own and run the rest in many areas of life. If we, characteristically human, said the sun was the “boss” of the solar system, we’d see that if the sun acted as a human boss, the solar system would soon break up, and wouldn’t sustain viability. The solar system has some predictability on how it works; the sun cannot be said to be changing the rules at whim and random and arbitrarily. The solar system can easily be imputed to have a system of ‘acceptable behavior. The last principle, “You know the tree by its fruit,” is another way of saying: “Actions and events are the result of the “actor’s” intention, and what they meant to accomplish. It is a far stretch to attribute events and behavior, and actions to accident and fate or destiny. While from time to time the ‘counter-actions’ of others may affect the outcome of an event, even then, the underlying intention can be discovered, no matter how the person justifies, rationalizes, and explains it. Habitual use of this principle will make you more alert at understanding what’s behind people intentions, as well as it helps to locate and discover truth about people intentions and words.