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This is really ‘about me’ as there has never really been an organized “Us” progressive coalition.

After 40 years of supportive work on a large number of ‘progressive’ causes, it became apparent I was in no real position to organize the movement the title implies.

Today, January 2015, I began on a new approach. I have opted for a more informal way of activism, so to speak, where I would simply write on topics of my interest, and collect them here, and if any coalition were to develop from this effort, I would consult the users’ interest and proceed accordingly.

I have also opted to stop trying to tell people what I think they should do or think, but instead, try to provide a basis that may help anyone to achieve a clarity of mind and awareness to arrive at reasonable [according to each individual] mindset and way of looking and acting with convection along his/her chosen path.

Accordingly I shifted emphasis to The Four Universal Fundamentals, which, without dogmatic assertion, I found to be generally acceptable concepts to guide thinking, without judgment, so that each would arrive at his/her own truths, on the notion that “knowing self” is the best path to self certainty: Find [your own] truth, certainty, and conviction, and dare act on it.

I have also, because I don’t have the time to carefully draft totally well written literary articles, I will, at times, post something that I deem important, but may not come to definite conclusions, and thus articles may appear to be unfinished. To help you in this if you’re interested, there is a feature in the wiki “recent changes” that may help you connect pieces of an article that might have been added to, or changed.

Things in life are in a state of constant flux, and while I will attempt to give some historical continuity, there may come things which may appear inconsistent with earlier items. Think of this site as a living document… keeps growing and changing with time…