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Welcome to the state of revolution. This site is divided into a wiki and a blog (under construction).

The wiki will hold what can be understood as relatively permanent ideology of Revolution and supposed focused on more what can be seen as potentially more effective actions anyone can take to participate now, and to advance the cause of Revolution. The blog will hold more or less chronological articles that are directly or tangentially pertinent, and to provide news, background, and to initiate ideas to forward the forwarding of the Revolution.

December 31, 2014 was the re-directing of life's work towards the scattered ideas and efforts in areas of interest. The Four Universal Fundamental are the foundation of more to come, that in will integrate a wide variety of topics into a more coherent fabric. Let's see what happens.

The Four Universal Fundamental

Measuring Life with the 4 F’s

Perennial Revolution

Daring to Defy

Fired for a 'slip' on Internet

What has been the Historical Outcome?

Notable Revolutions

Winning Attitude

Changing the World one "self" at a time